Our vision of a better way

We imagined a better, more transparent, more convenient way to sell your property and Betterway Real Estate was created to bring that vision to life.


We believe in the office-less real estate agent. So, we did away with the office and its overheads to pass on the savings to you.

Serving you

We believe agents should spend their time serving their customers rather than prospecting for new ones. So, your Betterway Sales Partner will dedicate themselves to selling your property - not get distracted trying to find their next new customer.


We believe in transparency using technology rather than endless paperwork and emails. So, we got rid of the paper and connect you to The Betterway App to empower you with all the information right at your finger tips, 24 hours a day.

Better service

Our Sales Partners focus on delivering the best result and the highest level of customer service with an unrelenting focus on selling your property for the best possible price.

Better Transparency

The Betterway App provides full visibility throughout the selling and buying processes, connecting you with all parties. On top of that, you still have direct direct access with your Sales Partner.

Better value

With two fixed-fee options, depending on your needs, we make sure there are no hidden fees. So you have certainty on your small upfront fee and our Sales Partners only get paid, when your property sells.