COVID-19 Response at Betterway

We’re proud to be the best-placed real estate agency in the country to respond to the crisis with our digital-first approach. Physical distancing combined with social solidarity during this time is business as usual for us. And we’re making some responsible changes to make sure that we can continue to help you during this time. Despite this health crisis, the real estate environment is still strong with the lowest interest rates every and, with government assistance, continued positive market conditions in your area.

As of 15 March, we’re providing drive-by and lower-interaction appraisals for homeowners for all customers. We’ve also adding private viewings absolutely free to all our packages. We’re not doing this because we were told we had to, but because it’s the responsible things to do.

Best of all, we’re still the most cost-effective way to sell your home leaving more money in your pocket after selling your home!

Extras to help you during this period:

  • During this period, our team are conducting “drive by appraisals” and other low-interaction activities to comply with the recommendations around social distancing.
  • One-on-one private viewings by appointment to all our packages. This enables buyers to limit their contact with people they don’t know.  
  • Interactive and video calling options to allow buyers to take a ‘virtual tour’ of your home.
  • We’re also putting in place a series of safeguards for the safety of our staff and customers including:
    • Eliminating hand shaking and other close contact; and 
    • Ensuring that high touch surfaces such as door handles is limited (propping open doors by you or your agent etc) and where necessary sanitiser is being used to clean frequently.
The market is buoyant right now
  • There is currently reduced housing stock in some areas which leads to increasing prices – great outcomes for our homeowner vendors.
  • Mortgage interest rates have never been lower which is making lending cheaper than ever – this is driving buyers into the market creating more demand.
  • Despite the uncertainty we are all feeling, people still need homes and we are seeing buyers still actively searching.
Our digital-first real estate model is perfect for this situation
  • Most of our team already work from home. We deliver our real estate service using digital-focused and paperless capabilities all the way from appraisal through to our partnership with Lawlab to deliver our customers digital conveyancing services.
  • We can and do conduct the majority of the process online without the need for you to travel to an office and meet in-person. In situations such as this, our agents have gone from strength to strength!
  • Regardless of the situation, we offer a variety of different methods to engage – in person at home or in open spaces, over the phone, video conference and more.
And best of all, we’re still the most cost effective way to sell your home in the industry. We provide a full service real estate agent, without the waste, leaving more dollars in your pocket after we’ve sold your home.
We’re here to help you during this period. Give us a call on 1800 123 883
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