Home marketing the better way!

Marketing your home is the most important part of the campaign. As a Betterway Real Estate customer, you have more than just your local real estate agent conducting your campaign - you have a whole marketing team working for you, so you get the best outcome for your sale.

Local Saver Package

Our Saver Package includes a campaign to efficiently promote your home to buyers in your region. It's fully transparent so we won't sting you with extra fees like the old-fashioned agents:

Preferred Package

In more competitive regions, you should consider the Preferred Package. It includes all the Saver Package features plus tools to help you drive more buyer demand, so you can achieve the best possible sales outcome for you and your home.

Improved visibility with Highlight Listings

All Packages

First impressions are important! Realestate.com.au is where most buyers start their search for a property and being seen there is crucial to attracting buyer demand for your home.

All Betterway customers benefit from a Highlight Listing on realestate.com.au, so you get 2x as many listing views, 3.3x as many enquiries and 250% more demand for your property overall!

All listings also include a Betterway Buy Listing and a Branded listing on Domain.

realestate.com.au marketing

200% more listings views

2.5x more buyer demand

3.3x more enquiries

Digital amplification

Home marketing exclusive to the Preferred Package

Old fashioned agents put a few web listings up and patiently waiting for buyers to find them.

At Betterway, we prefer not to leave it to chance. Our expert Marketing team implement geo-targeted advertising (within 50km surrounding your home) to promote your listing to buyers in your area and in areas likely to be looking to invest in your area.

Dedicated to your property, not another brand or home. Included exclusively for Preferred Package customers.

17x more listing views

12.2x more engagement

200% more enquiries

The Betterway Signboard

Saver Package
Betterway Branded Signboard

One of the best ways to be seen in the local area is a simple one - a sign in your front yard. If appropriate for your property, a Betterway Real Estate signboard is included in the Saver Package.

Personalised Signboard

Preferred Package
Real Estate Photo Signboards

An upgraded signboard includes feature photos and is fully customised for your property to give your home the edge in highly competitive areas! Included in the Preferred Package.

Your listing written by our real estate experts

All Packages

Almost all buyers will find your home for sale online and we all know that words are powerful.  The way your property is described is the first thing prospective buyers see when they are researching for properties like yours and too often these words are left to a dodgy template or an assistant to write.

At Betterway, your Sales Partner is directly involved in copywriting the words for your listing. Before go-live, our expert Marketing team review and optimise the description. Included in all packages.

Marketing your home with expert copywriting
Top view of young woman sitting on sofa with apartment plan and phone

Photography and floorplan

Saver Package

Whether they're buying a watch or a new home, modern buyers are spending as much as 85% of the buying cycle researching online before they even set foot in a home. This makes high-quality photos and house plans crucial to attracting the right interest for your property.

Our Saver Package includes 6 photos and an internal floor plan of your home to give your buyers a virtual understand of their new home and entice them to attend the open home.

Site Plan

More photos and a site plan

Preferred Package

With competition high in your area, you should consider upgrading to the Preferred Package which includes a site plan so your buyers have a unique understanding about not just inside the home but also in an around the home - the garden, sheds, carports, pool and all the amenities of their new home.

The Betterway Preferred Package includes up to 10 professional high-resolution photos and a site plan.