We've cut real estate costs not real estate service

We believe selling should be simple and cost less!

Betterway means less fuss and you'll save $10,000 in agent fees

We believe selling your home should be simple, not complicated. Betterway agents across Newcastle and the Hunter region are now providing the clearest, simplest and most transparent way to sell your home available.

Best of all - we got rid of agent commissions and waste that old-fashioned real estate agents build into their fees and passed all the savings onto you - so, you keep more of your home's sale price!

Only pay for the service you need

The average home in the Hunter and Newcastle sells for $670,000 and used to cost $17,000 or more in agent costs including all their other hidden fees. At Betterway, the same service costs just $7,800. We have stripped away all the unnecessary people, paperwork, costs and wastage to leave just the things you need to sell your home.

Saving you thousands

Main street office

Real estate agents do almost all their work in your home. So, we got rid of their fancy expensive offices and instead pass those savings on to you.

Excess staff

Old-fashioned real estate offices have an average of one admin person for each agent. At Betterway you we've automated all those low-value tasks so you only pay for experts rather than people shuffling paper.


Other real estate agents spend 70% of their time letterboxing and cold-calling to find their next sale. It's only 10% for Betterway Agents and we've passed those savings on to you too.

Real estate made easy


The Betterway App gives you access to all the information about your home and sale process 24 hours a day. No more missed phone calls or dozens of backwards and forwards on email.


Old-fashioned agents thrive off secretive processes, hidden fees and telling you as little as possible. At Betterway, we involve you as little or as much as you want. The Betterway App means you can login to see what's going on every step of the way.

Human touch

We've struck the balance between automating paper shuffling and keeping the personal touch. Your Betterway agent spends more than four times as much time selling your home as an old-fashioned agent.

Your team of experts

Local agents

Our agents have decades of collective experience and have worked for some of the regions most high-profile agencies. We're not just cheaper, we're better!

Marketing team

A Real Estate Agent is excellent at selling and managing the sales process. Marketing is for marketing experts. And we have a team of marketers ready to advertise and promote your property.

A centralised team

We've created a centralised operations team to make sure that everything from sign installation to web listings, they've got you covered. This also means your agent spends more time selling your home and less time in the back office!

The Newcastle and Hunter Region Team

Sell your home in Newcastle and the Hunter region with one of our expert Sales Partners.

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